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Nanny Leaving

When a nanny leaves your employment , give us all the information we require on our Staff Leaving Form As the employer it is your responsibility to comply with HMRC regulations regarding leaving staff and provide your staff with a leaving P45
Complete a staff leaving form and we at Nannywage Ltd process the leaving P45 on your behalf and send the nanny their P45 either direct or to you to hand on to them, depending on your instructions. We send the nanny and you the employer correspondence confirming that the leaving procedure has been completed and filed with HMRC

Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required

Your remaining subscription is then put on hold until a new nanny starts in your employ

A New Nanny starting

Go to our web site click on the tab across the top of the page For Employers
Scroll down to the Payroll Form complete and submit
We will then start payroll for your new nanny
Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required
If you require a contract of employment for your new nanny
Scroll down to the Contract questionnaire form complete and submit
We will then process a contract of employment for your new nanny
Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required

Subscription Renewal

The yearly subscription is for 12 monthly wageslips or 52 weekly wageslips. If a nanny leaves during subscription the remaining subscription goes on hold until you find another nanny. The subscription can go across tax year ends and as many tax years as it takes to complete the subscription Once a subscription has been completed Nannywage Ltd send with the final wageslip of the subscription a subscription renewal reminder. We request in the renewal reminder that you.

Please return the subscription renewal letter, together with a subscription cheque made payable to Nannywage Ltd Send your subscription renewal to our registered trading office NANNYWAGE LTD. 25, THE HIGHWAY, SUTTON, SURREY, SM2 5QT. When renewing your subscription you agree to our Terms of Service as advertised.

We request that you Please write your client number on the back of your subscription cheque To pay by Bank Transfer OR Credit Card via PayPal Go to our quick link If an employee is leaving soon with a declared actual leaving date and you only require a short subscription, we offer monthly subscriptions at £25 inclusive of VAT Cheque payment only We complete all compliance including the end of the financial year, but do not include an employment contract with this short term subscription

End of Year Tax Return

Nannywage Ltd as part of our payroll service file your end of year return for your Small employer PAYE HMRC scheme on line with HMRC by the current compliance deadline of 19th April each financial year. We send you a P60 by the current compliance date of 31st May each tax year for all employees working for you at tax year end.

If ever there is anything you are not sure about, telephone our help desk for assistance and advice
Our help desk is open Mon - Fri 9.30am-5.00pm Tel 020 8642 5470 or e-mail us at

If you receive any correspondence from HMRC re your small employer scheme,
Post or e-mail us a copy and we will action on your behalf

Do Not contact HMRC ; Contact Nannywage Ltd

General Payroll Terms & Conditions

To provide complete payroll services, for all past, current and future employees that have been, are or will be processed by Nannywage Ltd as per our current Terms & Conditions and liaison with full HMRC compliance per employee, with as many breaks of employment, changes of employees, and as many tax years as it takes to complete the subscription of 52 weekly wageslips which are processed to the Friday of each week or 12 monthly wageslips which are processed to the last Friday of each month subject to additional services regarding accurate, complete and upto date payroll and contract of employment information including HMRC compliance from you the employer

Holidays . We do not keep a holiday chart for employees. You should keep a paid holiday year record. Important when an employee is leaving to ascertain earned holiday year entitlement. We do not need to know about paid holiday, only unpaid leave which will affect the wage amount paid for that particular pay frequency

We guarantee a full payroll service with no hidden costs or extra charges, subject to complete, accurate and up to date payroll information and HMRC compliance from the employer at all times.

Our subscription price is for weekly or monthly wageslips plus a contract of employment tailored to your requirements if required. We process Weekly wageslips for the week ending every Friday and we process calendar Monthly wageslips for the last Friday of every month.

We send hard copy wageslips the week before the Last Friday of the month for monthly payroll and a complete month the week before the start of the next month for weekly payroll. All payroll instructions must be received by the penultimate Friday after these dates payroll will be actioned for the next available pay frequency date.

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