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Nannywage Ltd Automatic Enrolment Pensions
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Payroll Information Form

HMRC will accept only one named person for Employer PAYE Registration.

We will then send you a proof of payment invoice, and start to process your details with HMRC and send you the appropriate wage slips.

*Please, make sure you fill in these sections.

Do not worry if you do not have all the information, just fill in what you can on the payroll form and submit. We will contact you if we require anything further.

Employers Details

HMRC request your National Insurance number purely as a means of identifying a new employer, your own tax affairs are completely separate from the small employer PAYE scheme that we are setting up for you with HMRC solely for the purpose of employing a nanny

Have you used our services before?:

Nanny Details

Employee details must be full name inclusive of all middle names as name appears on birth certificate or full married name or HMRC (RTI) will reject payroll set up

Does your nanny have a valid UK passport?:
(If No we will send you a right to work in the UK checklist)

We process weekly wageslips for each Friday & Monthly wageslips for the
LAST Friday of each month



*Do you have a Small Employer PAYE scheme already set up?:

*Are you nanny sharing with another employer?:
if yes please complete the Nanny share form

*Can you claim up to £3,000 in Employment Allowance. Click here to see if you qualify

*Can you claim up to £2,000 tax free per child per year from HMRC. Click here for details

Payment Frequency

Please ensure that if also completing a contract questionnaire the payment frequency of when you are paying your employee weekly or monthly matches on both forms

Please indicate to which service you will be subscribing

£155 inc VAT per year for Weekly payroll
£175 inc VAT per year for Weekly payroll including tailored employment contract

We will constantly update you on the National Living Wage criteria.

Please only complete the Gross OR Net format and salary total that you have agreed with your employee. If you have agreed to pay your employee £400 NET per pay frequency, please enter 400 in the Net only line, we calculate the gross on your behalf. If gross we calculate the net.

GROSS (Before deducting tax &NIC) Help


NET (After Deductions = Take home pay) Help

Variable payroll

If you are going to pay your employee a variable payroll as the hours worked are not a fixed schedule, please enter here the agreed rate per hour

GROSS (Before deducting tax &NIC)


NET (After Deductions = Take home pay)

School term time only payroll

GROSS (Before deducting tax &NIC) Help

NET (After Deductions = Take home pay) Help

Often employers only require an employee during school term time and you have 2 options:

  1. Enter weekly or monthly salary that you will be paying during term time. We then average this out over the whole year and the employee gets paid every month which often is a system that suits in order to have a steady income reach month. For example £300 per week for 39 weeks divided by 52 weeks gives a figure of £225 per week every week over the year
  2. You would prefer to pay your employee as they work and Nil salary wageslips in the school holidays, just complete the variable payroll section
  3. If your nanny will work different hours during school term time and school holiday time and you wish to average over the year, please enter :

Total School term time payroll and School holiday time payroll to be averaged

School term Time

GROSS (Before deducting tax &NIC) Help

NET (After Deductions = Take home pay) Help

Number of weeks at school term time salary

School holiday time

GROSS (Before deducting tax &NIC) Help

NET (After Deductions = Take home pay) Help

Number of weeks at school holiday time salary

We will then add the two total salaries together and divide by your required pay frequency. The employee will be paid this averaged amount each pay day throughout the year.

Many schools operate 39 weeks for school term time and 13 weeks for school holiday time, however, all schools operate their own term time / holiday time schedule.

Please ensure you have entered the correct term time / holiday time number of weeks or otherwise your annual average will be incorrect.

Please ensure that if also completing a contract questionnaire the payment format that you have agreed with your employee of Gross or Net matches on both forms.

Please complete only one type of salary figure. Either Gross or Net.
We advise clients to agree a Gross salary to be protected from tax code fluctuations or employee tax liabilities.

For further advice contact our help desk 020 8642 5470

1. Does your employee have a P45?

YES. Please send to us. Do not complete any sections of the P45 as we file electronically with HMRC

  • Please e-mail us a copy of the P45
  • Please post us a copy and on the back of the envelope please add your surname or client reference in order for us to match the P45 to your PAYE scheme

2. NO. My employee does not have a P45. (NO P45, please tick the One statement that applies to your employee)

Is your employee a full time student?

Is your employee making student loan payments?

Please give us details only for the Days to be Worked
Total Number of Hours, Time of Start and Finish

The information on this page fully explains Automatic Enrolment pension compliance and what you need to do as an employer. The page also fully explains how Nannywage Ltd administers your pension compliance.

By law you are required to insure your workers against liability or disease. You could be fined £2,500 for every day that you do not have cover. It is vital you protect yourself from damages and costs arising from injury to staff at work. Not only covering you from the injury but also from potential future loss of earnings. Minimum cover should be £5 million.
Before you purchase a policy we recommend you check with your home contents provider as in the vast majority of cases employer liability insurance cover is included in your home contents policy. The employer should also check that the nanny has insurance to cover any damage the nanny may cause in the course of employment duties

If the nanny is registered with a child care organisation, the nanny is normally required by that organisation to have public liability insurance. If the nanny does not belong to a child care organisation they should still insure themselves to protect against any damages or costs.

Nannywage Ltd do not have any trading agreements or introducer commission arrangements with any insurance broker or provider. Unlike many other payroll providers we intend to remain totally independent and impartial in order to give you best advice. Other payroll providers receive an introducer fee for selling you insurance from the insurance broker or provider adding to the cost of the policy. Nannywage Ltd recommend no companies whatsoever, but have found over the years that Morton Michel who have been established over 50 years offer a good service. Just search Google for their name or general search Employer Liability Insurance and Nanny public Liability insurance and then judge for yourself.

icon Established in 2002. Nannywage Ltd provide clients with a complete professional annual payroll service.

icon From registering you for an HMRC employer PAYE scheme, through to employee leaving P45's and filing end of year returns for a headline subscription which is half the price of some of our competitors. Our annual Subscription, plus full payroll service and hard copy wageslips, makes Nannywage Ltd the most competitively priced internet payroll provider service in the UK today.

Please click on box next to I'm not a Robot. Complete picture task and click Verify. Once the box changes to a tick you can submit form safe in the knowledge that your details are secure:

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