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Our sister company Nannywage Ltd provides a complete payroll
service from registering you with HMRC for an employer PAYE scheme, through to issuing employee leaving P45's. 

Throughout your subscription, all aspects of payroll are dealt with on your behalf from all HM Revenue & Customs correspondence and regulations to issues such as sick and maternity leave P35's, P60's and P14's end of year returns.

They also provide subscribers with a contract of employment between employer and employee, tailored to particular requirements. If you wish to use this inclusive part of their service, you just request a brochure and complete the enclosed contract questionnaire and return with your subscription and payroll forms to our offices.

To subscribe to the service, request a brochure and please complete and return the Subscription and Payroll form, together with a cheque for £100+ Vat (Total £117.50) made payable to Nannywage Ltd in the enclosed addressed envelope. As soon as your instructions are received you are contacted within a maximum of five working days to acknowledge your subscription and initiate your payroll provider service, providing you have given full and correct payroll information. A copy of the terms and conditions of payroll provider service is available on Nannywage Ltd section.

The telephone support team, who can be contacted on 020 8642-5470, will be pleased to deal with any queries you may have, and will do their utmost to facilitate your role as an employer. Should you need to ring after office hours, please leave your name, telephone number and a message and  your call will be a priority the next working morning.

Nannywage Ltd are electronically enabled and registered with the government gateway to file your end of year returns on line, qualifying you for the current tax incentive in tax year 2007/2008 of £75 and Nannywage Ltd. look forward to being of service to you in the very near future


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