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The Interview

It is always a good idea to have some questions prepared in advance, this shows the candidate that you are well prepared and professional, remember this is also about them and their livelihood and the decision they have to make to come and work for you.

Make sure the interview is a two-way process by giving the candidate the chance to ask you questions. Make notes regarding the answers you are given and you can go over them later when assessing which candidate you are going to employ. Because there are currently no legal requirements on a person applying for a job as a nanny, the candidate will expect you to check their identity, background, qualifications and employment history.

Try and put the candidate at ease, start with a question that gets the conversation going. Such as:

Then move onto more specific questions

Parents must be confident, as far as possible, that they are making the correct decision as to who is going to look after their child. The Childrens Act 1989 covers the responsibilities of a parent as to the care of their child. Legislation is there to assist in the process and any nanny that is considered for employment should expect to have a Enhanced Disclosure and also that a check is made as to their identity, qualifications and employment history if they wish to be taken seriously as a candidate. If the person employed to look after a child is unsuitable and the parent has not utilised the mechanisms in place, the responsibility rests with the parent.

There is no provision for parents who recruit their own nannies to ask exempted questions. Parents who use the services of a nanny are not considered to be an individual employing them in the course of their business and so are unable to register with the CRB. As a parent you can ask the nanny to obtain an Enhanced Disclosure, but the nanny does have the right to refuse. If this is the case then the employer would probably be well advised not to employ the person in question. However although there is no provision for parents to gain direct access to criminal record information in respect of a person they wish to employ as a nanny the parent can contact a CRB “umbrella body” and employ their services to obtain a CRB check and assess the suitability of a prospective nanny via suitable vetting procedures. (Visit the internet and search CRB umbrella companies for a wide choice of umbrella companies) Also if the nanny in question were to produce a CRB Enhanced Disclosure that was over a year old, it would probably be best to request an updated version.

If a parent is employing a nanny via one of the many agencies that use our contact site, the parent can request that the agency obtain an Enhanced Disclosure.

Why an Enhanced Disclosure. This relates to a particularly sensitive area of work, e.g. involving unsupervised contact with children, young people and vulnerable groups. It is the most comprehensive and appropriate check that is available to organisations and gives thorough information on all records held PNC, local police files, DH and DFES. List 99, POCA list (Protection of Children Act) and the POVA list (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) These are lists of Adults deemed NOT suitable to work with children, but may not have been prosecuted. In addition, the Chief Officer of police may release information for inclusion in an Enhanced disclosure and additional information may be sent under separate cover which is not released to the applicant. This check can ONLY be obtained through a Registered Body to the CRB.


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