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Late Tax & Registration Solutions

As an employer you have certain criteria to fulfil, you must register as an employer with HMRC and pay your employee’s tax and National Insurance.

HMRC will not ask your employee for any tax owed or why their employer is not registered with them. The onus is on you as the employer.

Late payment of tax can result in fines levied against you by HMRC.

Your employee may also suffer as their tax and National insurance is not being paid, leading to reduced entitlements to unemployment or maternity pay.

We recognise the problem. You’re a busy person, the employee started working for you, quite rightly you had every intention of sorting out their employment situation, however, there were busy schedules at work, coinciding with a hectic social calendar, time just slipped by. Suddenly it is panic time what can I do?

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We will start a payroll for you straight away, backdating wage slips as far as necessary. We register you with the Revenue and sort out overdue tax and National Insurance.

We liaise with The Revenue regarding late payments, and although we cannot guarantee this, with our expertise normally there are no late payment fines. However, this is at the discretion of HMRC, and also depends on how long the registration, tax and national insurance contributions are overdue.

We calculate all types of tax on your behalf, including PAYE,National Insurance

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Nanny Jobs |  Find a Nanny |  Nanny Tax