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Switching from your current payroll
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Four professional companies operating as one. Highly experienced in all aspects of employing a nanny

Getting the Payroll started

This could not be easier as we at Nannywage Ltd handle everything relating to your nanny payroll. We deal with all HMRC issues and correspondence on your behalf, leaving you free to spend quality time with your family safe in the knowledge that Nannywage Ltd are managing every aspect of your nanny employment.

If ever there is anything you are not sure about, telephone our help desk for assistance and advice Help desk is open Mon - Fri 9.30am-5.00pm Tel 020 8642 5470 or e-mail us at

We Start by registering your small employer PAYE scheme with HMRC.

3 short steps to payroll set up - click here

Our Essential Employer Guide to how it all works - click here

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Unlimited support from our helpdesk Mon-Fri 9:30am-5pm
Telephone us on 020 8642 5470 or email

We post to you hardcopy wageslips for every pay day
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions setting up your payroll

Our subscription is for monthly or weekly wageslips and we provide a full payroll service to include all issues such as Maternity Pay, Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, overtime etc along with processing starting and leaving P45's and end of year Nanny Payroll scheme tax return.


We will register you for a PAYE small employer scheme with HMRC
We will produce a Contract of employment for you and your employee if required

By law you are required to insure your workers against liability or disease. You could be fined £2,500 for every day that you do not have cover. It is vital you protect yourself from damages and costs arising from injury to staff at work. Not only covering you from the injury but also from potential future loss of earnings. Minimum cover should be £5 million.
Before you purchase a policy we recommend you check with your home contents provider as in the vast majority of cases employer liability insurance cover is included in your home contents policy. The employer should also check that the nanny has insurance to cover any damage the nanny may cause in the course of employment duties

If the nanny is registered with a child care organisation, the nanny is normally required by that organisation to have public liability insurance. If the nanny does not belong to a child care organisation they should still insure themselves to protect against any damages or costs

What if my nanny does not have a P45?
If your nanny has not given you a P45 at this time or does not have a P45 we will file an electronic P46 (employee without a current P45) you need take no action.
If your nanny does in the future hand you a current P45 (Leaving date on the P45 from 6th April this tax year only please) post us the original or a copy or e-mail scan us a copy

What if my nanny does not have a National Insurance Number?
We enter on the payroll a temporary number based on the date of birth of the nanny, this is accepted by HMRC as a short term measure, to apply for a National Insurance number, please visit your local job centre or telephone the HMRC helpline 0845 600 0643 and apply for a number.

To subscribe to our service

You can subscribe in three ways by cheque payment, transfer direct to our company bank account or via Paypal For further help click on Payment methods situated top right of all our web site pages on Use our web site quick link

Finally you may decide to file all forms on line, to do this use our website quick link

Once the Payroll Starts

Every month we post to you a printed hard copy wageslip, if you pay your nanny weekly we send a month of weekly wageslips in advance.

Please pay the Net pay figure shown bottom right on the wageslip to your nanny, this is the nanny take home pay after Tax & NIC has been deducted.

If you pay part of the NET salary by Child Care Vouchers remember to DEDUCT the child care voucher figure from the NET figure and pay the employee the balance by cheque, cash, credit transfer, etc

With the first wageslip we send you a:

64-8 form "Authorising your Agent" to act on your behalf with HMRC re your small employer scheme, please complete the form and return to our offices.

FBI 2 form This authorises us to receive updates for your small employer scheme direct from HMRC on line, please complete the form and return to our offices.

Paying Tax & NIC

This is due to HMRC every quarter date of 5th Jan, 5th April, 5th July & 5th Oct. We send you a Tax & NIC due notice with a wageslip summary of the quarter showing every salary amount you paid your nanny in that period. The amount due includes Employer NIC & Employee NIC & Tax. We send full payment instructions for electronic payment.

Changes to Payroll

Go to our website and click on the tab across the top of the page Changes to Payroll Scroll down the changes menu to the change you wish to make complete the form and submit. We will send an acknowledgement that we have received your instructions and process your changes

Employee salary change Complete the fields as indicated and we will amend the employee salary total and commencement of new salary level as per your instructions.
Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required

Sick Pay If your employee is taken ill and is entitled to statutory sick pay benefits you MUST inform us On the first day of sickness Even if your employee ONLY takes 1 day sick leave which may not affect their salary amounts you MUST inform us, to enable us to record the sick day on their employment record as sick pay benefits are a government benefit and all sick pay MUST be recorded
Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required

Maternity Pay If your employee pregnant and is entitled to Maternity pay please inform us as soon as possible and we handle all issues on your behalf.
Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required

Employer change of address You must keep your records up to date with HMRC. As End of year returns, leaving P45's. P60's require the correct employer address details
Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required

Employee change of address Please inform us of any employee change as we have to inform HMRC of employee address changes so that they can send tax code allowance changes direct to employees if required, likewise we require up to date information to process end of year returns, P45’s & P60’s.
Use our web site quick link to go straight to the form required

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