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Once the payroll starts how do I pay my employee?

Just pay them the net amount that appears on their wage slips we gross up the amounts for tax purposes and all tax, National insurance and other relevant figures appear on their wage slips.

What if my employee does not have a P45?

We just ask you and your employee to complete a P46 and we trace back any information required and until we obtain the correct tax code.

What if I receive correspondence from HMRC?

Anything that relates to employment issues send to us, as your agent we will liaise with The Revenue.

Can my employee contact you if they want to?

Of course, we will be happy to answer any questions your employee may have on your behalf.

What happens once I have subscribed to your service?

Please refer to our section titled subscribers schedule of service, which we send with our brochure.

Can my nanny pay their own tax?

Due to government legislation nannies cannot be declared self-employed and must be treated as an employee, therefore an employer must pay their tax and National insurance.

How much tax do I pay on a particular net wage?

Please refer to our tax calculator which gives a wide spread of net payments and gross liabilities which we enclose with our brochure to you.

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Nanny Jobs |  Find a Nanny |  Nanny Tax