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Salary Guide 2018/19

This salary table is a guide based on normal tax code for current tax year. This guide does not take into account any variations in the employment status of the employee, such as age, student loans, employer allowance & different tax codes.

For an exact calculation based on salary actual tax code and employment status telephone our help desk Mon – Fri 09.30 am – 5.00 pm 020 8642 5470 or e-mail us at

Net Pay 200.00 240.00 280.00 320.00 360.00
Tax 0.00 5.60 17.40 29.20 41.00
Nanny NIC 5.18 11.40 18.46 25.53 32.59
Gross Pay 205.18 257.00 315.86 374.73 433.59
Enployer NIC 5.96 13.11 21.23 29.36 37.48
Pensions Contributions
Nanny 2.15 3.39 4.80 6.21 7.63
Employer 1.79 2.82 4.00 5.18 6.36
Employer (Total Cost) 212.79 272.93 341.09 409.27 477.43
Month Cost 922.70 1,182.70 1,478.06 1,773.50 2,068.86
Annual Cost 11,072.36 14,192.36 17,736.68 21,282.04 24,826.36

Net Pay 400.00 440.00 480.00 520.00 560.00
Tax 52.80 64.60 76.20 88.00 99.80
Nanny NIC 39.65 46.72 53.75 60.82 67.88
Gross Pay 492.45 551.32 609.95 668.82 727.68
Enployer NIC 45.60 53.73 61.82 69.94 78.06
Pensions Contributions
Nanny 9.04 10.45 11.86 13.27 14.69
Employer 7.53 8.71 9.88 11.06 12.24
Employer (Total Cost) 545.58 613.76 681.65 749.82 817.98
Month Cost 2,364.18 2,659.63 2,953.82 3,249.22 3,544.58
Annual Cost 28,370.16 31,915.52 35,445.80 38,990.64 42,534.96

This is the amount you have agreed with your nanny that will be her take home pay after Tax & NIC deductions

This is the amount of tax charged based on the gross salary of your nanny after her tax free earnings allowance (tax code) has been deducted from gross pay 2018 / 2019 default tax code is 1185L. In example terms you add a zero to this giving a monetary figure of £11,850 pa or £987.50 gross per month is tax free any monthly gross earnings above this figure are taxed at 20%.

National Insurance contributions are taken from the nanny gross pay at 12.8% after the Lower Earnings Level allowance has been deducted from gross pay. LEL is a tiered percentage system depending on salary, basic allowance starts at £503 per month

This is the cost to the employer of the nanny net salary plus Tax & NIC

Employers in the UK pay employer NIC (subject to employment status of employee) it is the same criteria as nanny NIC but at 13.8% Exemptions are nanny under 21 or employer qualifies for employer allowance (e-mail us for further qualifying details of Employer allowance at

Once your employee is enrolled into your workplace pension they pay 2.4% of their qualifying gross salary into their pension. Current legislation is employee total contribution is 3% but HMRC pay 0.6% into nanny pension as savings in a pension are tax free. Qualifying earnings are gross salary minus the LEL and balance is at 2.4%. Let us assume nanny on a net salary of £500 net per week and assume pension is £12 per week, on the wageslip will show employee pension contribution as £12 and the net pay you pay to your nanny is £488 as you are deducting the pension from nanny net pay paying her the balance shown on wageslip as net pay and sending the pension contribution to nanny pension pot. The wageslip Shows a running pension contribution total for the year. For further details of Automatic Enrolment workplace pensions, please go to our Home page and click on the Automatic Enrolment tab across the top of the home page

Currently employer pension contribution into a nanny workplace pension is 2% of qualifying gross salary. Once you subscribe to Nannywage Ltd pensions we fully administer your pension administration on your behalf and make pension contribution reports to NEST pensions on your behalf

This is the total cost to you the employer, of nanny Gross salary, your employer NIC and your pension contribution.

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